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7 Reasons Why It’s the Perfect Time to Buy Property in Puerto Viejo

Costa Rica’s Puerto Viejo might not the best place for everyone, nowhere is, but this beautiful tropical destination has the perfect weather, excellent vibes, it promotes good health (no kidding!), it’s safe, and above all that, Puerto Viejo’s a great place to make money from. Time assumes a vital job when you are hoping to buy property puerto viejo.

Located south of Costa Rica’s Caribbean coast, Puerto Viejo doesn’t get as much attention as Tortuguero located up north. However, if trends are anything to go by, an investment in Costa Rica’s South could be the greatest investment you ever make.

Wondering what exactly awaits you in Puerto Viejo and what would give you the extra nudge to purchase property here, now and not later?

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Well, while we all know a few people who dislike the tropical climates, most of us love the warmth and the culture the emblazons the tropics. There is something magical about these places, which is why we know that you will fall in love with Puerto Viejo.

Note, however, that there is a lot of unspoken truths and myths about Puerto Viejo, and many tourists have been scared off from this Costa Rican gem because of it, but this article will convince you otherwise.

The unexplored Caribbean coast

For the longest time, the Caribbeans were passed by, and little was known about the Caribbean culture and people. As a result, most of the development was centered on the Pacific coast.

However, the past few years have seen an increased exposure of the Caribbean culture, landscapes, beaches, history, and food among other features that have left the Caribbean with a regal element.

These changes and the positive feedback (and photos) from the Caribbean have made the Pacific coast one of the tourist destinations worth exploring and living in. Gyvas provides an easy solution!

There is also the fact that people believed or were made to believe that there is nothing down there (Puerto Viejo). While there is some truth in this – there are no marinas, country clubs, golf courses, tennis courts, or swimming pools, this Caribbean side of Costa Rica is slowly opening up.

And if you are a laid back person looking for a cool investment that will be worth a lot more in a few years, try real estate playa grande. As you already know, the best investments in property are the ones that pay off more in the future – your small investment in this part of Costa Rica could be what you need for a good retirement.

Interesting local culture

If you want to live in a part of the world with that’s not overpopulated, Puerto Viejo is the place. It’s has a deep culture with 80% of the population made of indigenous people of the Bri Bri community.

The interesting bit is that these guys tend to live out of town although their presence introduces a super interesting vibe to the culture. Over the years, there has been an increase in the number of expats living in this Caribbean country, and you might enjoy your stay there too.

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Besides the Bri Bri people and the predominant Tico community, Puerto Viejo is also home to many bohemian types.

Puerto Viejo has rustic reggae bars, as well as Caribbean-style restaurants and super colorful homes lining the towns. And with the large population of persons of indigenous descent, as well as those from Afro-Caribbean descent, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca gives you a unique cultural blend that is not present in other parts of Costa Rica. You could also tour the Jaguar Rescue Center.

The best part is that all the people you interact with in Puerto Viejo de Talamanca are quite friendly which means that you will enjoy your stay, especially if you’re friendly to them.

Nature and Pura Vida – a relaxed way of living

There isn’t a form of therapy better than nature. The rainforest climate means a lot of greenery. And coupled with the cool waters and the tropical warmth, Puerto Viejo could be the best place you settle at, especially if you have health issues that make your life more tolerable in warm weather.

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With a small and a rather concentrated downtown, you can access the coastline effortlessly by riding down. Tourists, on the other hand, can explore the coastline by renting bicycles.

Even if you’re not shopping, the trip down the coast could be all you need, the extra nudge to push you to buy the property in this part of Costa Rica.

Attractive Beaches, and National Parks

It doesn’t get any better than this, don’t you think? Well, Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is one of nature’s perfectly packaged gifts and investing in property in this part of the Caribbean guarantees great returns, as long as the ecosystem is protected.

The richness of Puerto Viejo de Talamanca is seen in its parks and beaches. The best national parks and reserves include La Ceiba, Playa Cocles, Playa Chiquita, Finca La Isla, Kekoldi Indigenous Reserve, Cahuita National Park (known for monkey spotting and hiking), Playa Negra, and Los Guardianes Wildlife Refuge.

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Real estate Puerto Viejo is also endowed with beautiful beaches like Punta Uva Beach, Playa Grande, and Puerto Viejo Beach, among others, all with gently swaying palms and an impossibly breathtaking blue ocean. There also are multiple reefs perfect for scuba diving, fishing, and snorkeling

The other attraction site is Manzanillo, a village along with the coastal town, as you go towards Panama. It’s pristine with a vibrant culture.  You can enjoy snorkeling, hiking, or kayaking.

What this means is that there is plenty to do and Puerto Viejo could be a great investment because of the growth in its tourism industry. It’s also important to note that these natural features are the reason for Puerto Viejo’s reputation as a great place to go backpacking.

The inspiration from nature is the reason for the numerous nature-inspired homes.

Homemade Chocolate, Great Food, and Natural Juices

This is yet another reason for the growth in tourism in Puerto Viejo, and a reason why you might want to invest there. The Finca La Isla, an ecologically-friendly farm/ botanical garden gives tourists and visitors the chance of learning about the medicinal herbs, as well as the exotic plant life in the region.

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Speaking of food, Puerto Viejo boasts some delicacies you will not find in other parts of the world. Some of the delicacies in this part of the world include chifrijo, Gallo Pinto, picadillo, Naturales/ Refrescos, or Casado.

Roads are improving

One of the signs of a place you can make a good investment from is one with improving infrastructure, and Puerto Viejo is one such places. While the roads are not perfect, as expected, they are passable. When buying a house in Costa Rica different things are necessitated that should be searching for.

All you need to do is to drive in a vehicle that can take the terrain. Otherwise, you will be able to enjoy good scenery of pineapple and banana plantations.

No communication barriers

The other reasons for investing in properties part of the world include the fact that some of the locals speak English. Before you buy property down in Puerto Viejo or the surrounding areas, bear in mind your budget, and always work with a professional.

While investing in this part of Costa Rica promises savings and significant returns in future, you should be smart in your decision to buy – always find a professional real estate agent who is not only reputable but also licensed. Contact us when looking for the finest properties options.